Touristic Potential

Sierra Leone, with a population of approximately 7million, is a very peaceful and beautiful country in West Africa. Sierra Leoneans are warm, friendly and exceptionally accommodating to strangers. The capital city sits near the Atlantic Ocean, making Sierra Leone a hub for business as it has one of the largest natural harbours in the world.

Sierra Leone is endowed with tremendous touristic potentials. We pride ourselves in some of the world’s beautiful white and golden pristine beaches stretched several kilometres along the peninsula, with beautiful hotels and resorts for perfect relaxation.

Sierra Leone has a vibrant tropical forest teeming with exotic wildlife and an excellent climate. From the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which provides a safe haven for Chimpanzees, the bountiful marine resources, sprawling hills and ranging Lion Mountains overlooking the cities, to Bunce Island, the cradle of the Trans-Atlantic Slaved, this beautiful diamond-shaped country is one of the most promising, breath-taking ecotourism spots to visit.

It is important to note also that Sierra Leone is endowed with abundant natural resources, including mineral deposits like diamond, gold, bauxite, rutile, iron ore, zinc etc. The country is also blessed with arable land for agricultural activities. We produce livestock, rice, coffee, cocoa, abundant vegetable and fruits. Sierra Leone stands to be the best investment and touristic environment with the West African sub-region.

His Excellency the President, Dr Julius Maada Bio realized the enormous benefits of tourism and has created a friendly and conducive investment environment for all investors. As the Ambassador appointed to the State of Kuwait, I invite all investors to explore Sierra Leone and grab the opportunity to invest in ecotourism, infrastructure, oil and gas, trade as you choose. Visa for Kuwait is available on arrival or just visit the Embassy for more enquiries.

Sierra Leone Famous Food

The restaurant scene in Freetown offers a wide variety of international cuisine including Arabian, Lebanese, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. African restaurants, including Senegalese and Ghanaian, also offer a taste of the continent but for a real taste of Salone, local is the way to go. Rice is the local staple accompanied by plassas (sauce) such as cassava leaves, groundnut soup, binch (beans) or stew with chicken, beef and/or fish and served in generous portions.

Beef and chicken dishes are widely available but fish is king, especially along the coastal areas where barracuda, grouper, snapper, lobster, shrimps and other fish are widely available. Also look out for street food including sizzling goat or beef skewers, fried plantain, roast cassava tuber and coconut cakes. Buy freshly plucked juicy sun-ripened fruit, including pineapple, mango, pawpaw (papaya), banana and oranges from market women, situated outside any of the main supermarkets.

Sierra Leone at a glance

Investment Opportunities in tourism

Capitalise on momentum from GoSL

Tourism as one of the priorities for economic diversification.
New visa on arrivals and reduction in airport charges (2019).
Investment in infrastructure underway to facilitate the sector.

Bet on eco-tourism

Beautiful, white-sand beaches along the Freetown Peninsula and the coast. Inland lush tropical forests and wildlife. Friendly communities.
Opportunities for eco-tourism lodges and adventure tours.

Showcase adventure and sport

Jungle, coast and mountain hiking trails. Exciting wildlife (elusive pygmy hyppos, unique birds, chimpanzees,
forest elephants). Huge opportunity for sports fishing: one of the best marine ecosystem in the world.

Tourism in Sierra Leone (2018)

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