About the Embassy

The Republic of Sierra Leone Embassy Kuwait

The Republic of Sierra Leone and the State of Kuwait have enjoyed fruitful relations ranging from bilateral to multilateral for over 30 years now. This fruitful bilateral relationship, among others, prompted the two governments the need to establish a resident Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Kuwait on July 9, 2009. This symbolizes the deepening and strengthening of existing Bilateral Relations between the two Countries.

At the multilateral level, the two countries have supported each other at the International fora, including the United Nations and OIC. Sierra Leone, in this regard, has been providing support for candidature requests by the Government of the State of Kuwait for positions at International Organizations. Sierra Leone was one of the African countries that sent a contingent to help in the Iraqi invasion in 1991.

The State of Kuwait, on the other hand, has been providing tremendous support in various humanitarian development projects, through the Kuwait Fund for Development. On humanitarian grounds, the State of Kuwait supported Sierra Leone greatly during the 11 years civil war (1991 – 2002) and also provided relief assistance during Ebola (2014) and mudslide (2016).

The work of the Sierra Leone Embassy, in this regard, is to co-ordinate, promote and protect the national interest of Sierra Leone within Kuwait and the Middle East and enhance the country’s security and Socio-economic prosperity.

Accordingly, the Kuwait Fund for Development has provided a loan for the construction of two water supply projects in the rural communities in Sierra Leone. Additionally, the Kuwait Fund has also provided funds to the Government of Sierra Leone for the construction of three ultra-modern tertiary hospitals in Freetown. The Embassy is advocating and hoping for the implementation of some other iconic projects in the not-too-distant future.

Sierra Leone and the State of Kuwait have signed a series of agreements. In November 2019, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Cooperation visited the State of Kuwait and signed an agreement including cultural and Artistic Cooperation, Technical Education and Professional Training.

The Minister also engaged the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce for a future investment forum in Kuwait.


Hours of Operation, Location, and Directions

Office hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Sundays – Thursdays)

Consular Hours: 10:30 am to 2:00 pm (Sundays – Thursdays)

Tel: +965 252 43246 / +965 252 43234

Fax: +965 252 43238



Countries of Accreditation

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